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“Welcome to the Home Page for our small website”

 After our years in employment in career guidance services, both publicly-funded and in private businesses, we decided in 2005 to set up on our own as a registered Partnership to offer professional advice and consultancy on education & skills.

We need to stress here that we offer professional services to organisations. We’re not providers of face to face career guidance to individuals – although we’ve strong links with specialist careers advisory services, through our involvement with Careers England and the Career Development Institute – as you’ll see from our introductory pages eleswhere on this website.

The name we chose for our business Partnership came from our location – we live in the North Yorkshire village of Thrintoft, our home is the actual boundary of the village limits and was built on the outfield of the former boundary of the old village cricket pitch. Added to this, we are passionate cricket followers (as you’ll also see when you view our introductory profiles and ‘more about us’). But our Partnership, sadly, isn’t a cricketing delivery Partnership!

So the name of our business Partnership chose itself, and our friends at Mosaique Design (of Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire) readily arranged specially captured cricket-related photos for our new corporate image.

Our Partnership is registered for VAT – number 880 7537 93 – following our early trading figures exceeding the turnover threshold for mandatory registration.

Whilst we do have established daily rates for our advisory and consultancy services, (as does Paul for his public speaking services at CPD events for schools & Local Authorities et al), we’re both always happy to discuss your requirements and to review with you how best we may be able to meet your needs within your budgetary resources.

This Home Page enables you to click links above  to view professional introductions to each of us – and to a section giving more personal information about us. We hope that you find these helpful. As you’ll see, from the top of this Page there’s also a link to enable you to make direct contact with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Up until April 2017, Alison’s work was often tailored advice to an organisation, or linked to a quality award assessment – hence not easy to offer an example here on the site. She has retired now from onsite work with clients.

Whilst some of Paul’s work has been with private organisations, we have included on his page a link to some of his most recent national public work for the Quality in Careers Consortium, (and earlier for Careers England and the Careers Profession Task Force) as well as for schools, Local Authorities, and national professional bodies.


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